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Sharing Asset Reports & Confidential Information
For your protection, we will only release your asset report and estate planning documents to those you have identified as a designated contact. You must register at least one designated contact however; you can register up to three.
Financial Account Numbers
Life Snapshot® does NOT need your financial account numbers. We only need to know the types of accounts that you have with your financial institutions so we can communicate this information to your designated contact(s). For example: ABC Bank, Checking, and Savings Account. These basic details, along with your name, address, and death certificate will enable your loved ones to have a discussion with your financial institution.
Designated Contact(s) Communication
If our Support Specialists conduct a wellbeing check and they are unsuccessful reaching you after a predetermined amount of days, we will call your designated contact(s) to conduct a wellbeing check on your behalf.
Beneficiaries & Financial Institutions
In order for your beneficiaries to access your accounts or policies; you will need to ensure that they are listed according to the requirements of your financial institution or insurance provider. It is not enough to register them with Life Snapshot®.
Estate Planning – Last Will & Testament, Trusts, or Power of Attorney
You will need to work with an attorney for these estate planning documents.
Legal Services
Life Snapshot® does not offer legal advice; each state differs so work with an attorney in your state for legal services.
Hours of Operation
You can access your online portal 24/7. Our Support Specialists are available Monday-Friday, from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm CST.