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October 7, 2015, I was forever changed when my sister died unexpectedly at the age of 36. She was unmarried and without children. Planning her funeral and finalizing her personal affairs became the responsibility of my mother and I. Death isn’t something that you think about at our age, as we were born one year apart. I recalled her briefly mentioning in passing years prior that she had gotten a life insurance policy, but I didn’t know the name of the company or if she still had it since she’d changed companies likely three times since then.

My mother and I found ourselves rummaging through her apartment just 2 days after she had died there in order to look for paperwork and documents. It was eerie, uncomfortable, and overwhelming to say the least. I remember seeing a pair of her shoes by the front door positioned as if she’d return any minute and slide them on. I felt very protective of her space, it seemed as if we were violating her privacy and, in the end, we came up empty-handed. We began searching for the names of insurance companies and randomly calling them to ask if they had a record of her being a policyholder, but of course, everyone said NO.

Life Snapshot® was founded in hopes that we can help provide peace of mind for families that have to pick up the pieces after a loved one dies by easily accessing the necessary documents to do so. Death does not discriminate based on Race, Age, Income, or Marital Status. Estate planning and secure document storage are necessary for everyone. Our desire is to help families during what I personally know to be a very difficult time.

Warmest Regards,
Founder, Life Snapshot®