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Asset Management: Managing Your Assets Wisely

Asset Management: Managing Your Assets Wisely

There is over $40B in unclaimed money and properties being held by the US Government because families are often unaware these assets exists. It is critical for families to secure their assets in order to ensure that assets don’t go unclaimed when you die. With Life Snapshot, asset reports contain financial accounts, key contacts, insurance policies, properties, business interests, and similar elements.

So, how do I manage my assets effectively?

To manage and store digital assets effectively, we offer a range of services to meet your needs, such as:

  • Digital Storage Vault – Upload Confidential Estate Planning Documents, Last Will & Testament, Trust, Power of Attorney, and more.
  • Secure Private Portal – Documents are securely stored in a private portal. You will not have to worry about losing paperwork during a move, theft, or a natural disaster such as fires or floods.
  • Cybersecurity Team – Experts focused on the privacy of your information with SSL Security, 2-Step Authentication, Database Encryption, Malware Scans, and System Backups making us full security compliant.
  • Snapshot Report – Custom asset reports can contain details that include insurance policies, financial accounts, properties, important contacts, and more.
  • Wellbeing Checks – We conduct monthly or quarterly checks on your physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Support Specialists – Support Specialists proactively conduct wellbeing checks based on your preferences. If we are unable to connect with you after a predetermined amount of time, we will reach out to your designated contact(s).

Through the above-mentioned services, you can manage your assets wisely and keep important information secure.

Through Life Snapshot®, Inc., you can Secure Your Assets – Web-Application in Chicago, Illinois. Browse our site or call us to find out more about effective asset management and data storage.

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