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Common Scenarios to Happen if You Die Without a Will


You should make creating a will a top priority so that you may decide what happens to your possessions once you pass away. Without a will, your loved ones may experience everything, from little annoyances like delays and possible conflicts after your death.

The distribution of your assets to your heirs in the manner you desire can be ensured by having a will. The distribution of your assets to your beneficiaries if you pass away “intestate,” without a will, may not be exactly how you’d like. It is so that the courts, rather than you, may decide who gets your assets and how much each successor will receive when there in not a will in place.

As a trusted provider of a digital storage vault, we’ve seen firsthand the legal and emotional difficulties that often arise when an individual passes away without leaving a will, including but not limited to the following:

  • Family conflicts
    This is a typical occurrence. Family members who survive, especially close relatives, will be misinformed about how to administer the inheritance and properties; often leading to anxiety and depression.
  • Surviving family members may receive a trust
    Probate court will assign a guardian of the minor childs estate until they reach age 18. Once they reach 18, then any remaining assets will be turned over to the child if any are available.

Wills are an important setp in estate planning. Once you’ve created a will, make sure to store it properly with Life Snapshot so that copies can be sent to up to 3 designated contacts when necessary. Visit to start a FREE 14-Day Trial.

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