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Commonly Asked Questions About Digital Storage Vaults


Today, more people are using digital storage vaults for estate planning documents like their power-of-attorney, final wishes planner, advance directives, and similar. This comes as no surprise considering the need for accessibility on-the-go.

As a service provider specializing in estate planning storage located in Chicago, Illinois, we will answer your most commonly asked questions about digital storage vaults:

  • What is a digital storage vault?
    A digital storage vault is a type of secure online platform that allows you to store critical information in an online repository. They serve as document storage allowing users to collect and maintain information such as real estate, car titles, wills, and insurance policies that can easily be shared with trusted indviduals. Your digital assets may include logins for computers, phones, utilities, social media, and much more. Anything that is relevant for someone to access when you are no longer able to personally communicate this information should be stored in your digital storage vault.
  • Are digital storage vaults secure?
    One of the main reasons people utilize digital storage vaults is because of how secure they are. Digital storage vault providers maintain a high level of security with specific procedures and processes to protect each user’s information. This often includes various authentication and encryption to prevent data loss.
  • Why are digital storage vaults important?
    Digital storage vaults are important as they provide a safe and reliable way to store critical information and simplify sharing among those that will need access. They offer peace of mind knowing that information can be accessed anywhere – across all devices where internet is available. They also protection against natural disasters such as fires and floods all while offering a user-friendly interface that’s easy to use, learn, and navigate.

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