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Family Legacy Planning: Getting Started


Family legacy planning is not a one-time plan. Rather, it is something you constantly update as time and laws change.

If you have a proper plan, you can rest assured that your assets will be distributed just as you wish. It can even protect your family from financial risk.

So, how do you get started?

Make a list of your assets such as life insurance, financial accounts, real estate, and vehicles just to name a few. Then begin gathering all necessary paperwork associated with each which may include policy numbers, statements, deeds, and titles. Finally, consider Life Snapshot’s digital storage vault to protect your important documentation.

After you’ve taken the above steps, decide how you want your assets distributed. Write down all the important people and organizations you want to involve. If you are comfortable, beginning having discussions with your loved ones so there are no surprises.

Through all of your planning, you’ll want to identify a trustworthy executor. The primary role of an executor is to oversee estate assets and carry out instructions set out in a person’s will. So, it is crucial that you choose someone with a strong sense of responsibility.

As appropriate, seek help from professionals that can help you draft a will, execute a trust account or help you talk through estate tax laws. Every family faces unique circumstances, so a team of professionals can help you make informed decisions.

Family legacy planning can be challenging, but the more you prepare, the easier it is for your loved ones to navigate. Life Snapshot®, Inc. is a nationwide platform that can provide you with estate planning storage. Our office is located in Chicago, Illinois, but you can get started today from the comfort of your home.

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