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FAQ: What Are Advance Directives?


For those who have been researching for estate planning storage in Chicago, Illinois, you must have encountered the term “advance directives” at some point. As you plan the necessary arrangements to put your affairs in order in the event of your death or incapacity, you will realize that you need a document that will ensure that your wishes are fulfilled. And this is exactly what advance directives are all about.

Advance directives are written legal documents containing instructions about your medical care preferences once you are no longer capable of making decisions for yourself, either by passing on or becoming incapacitated. These documents guide your primary care providers and your family members on what to do when that time comes. Advance directives are beneficial for those who are terminally ill, seriously injured, in the late stages of Dementia, or anyone at the end of life.

As a final wishes planner, advance directives come in two common forms, namely the living will and power of attorney.

A medical power of attorney is an advance directive that allows you to name a person who will make decisions for you. This document is also called a durable power of attorney for health care or a healthcare proxy, depending on the state.

A living will, on the other hand, is a written legal document that declares the medical treatments that you will or will not want to be used on you to keep you alive. Arrangements for pain management and organ donation can also be stated in a living will.

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