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Have Advanced Directives No Matter How Young or Healthy You Are

Have Advanced Directives No Matter How Young or Healthy You Are

Being in the business of estate planning storage, we are used to family members and the concerned loved ones of seniors or those with medical conditions inquiring about advance directives. And at first glance, it does make more sense for you to get them prepared in your golden years.

However, at Life Snapshot®, Inc., we have known that being young and in tiptop shape provides a different set of challenges, challenges that would be better tempered by availing of an advance directive at a young age now than later.

Here are some of the most important reasons to get an advance directive no matter how young or healthy you are right now:

  • Being young means being more likely to be active, thus also more likely to pursue activities you would not have otherwise tried if you were older, such as extreme sports and other dangerous endeavors, which puts you at greater risk for serious accidents.
  • Fatal injuries from routine physical exercises are common among young people, with accidents and unintentional injuries being the leading causes of death in this demographic.
  • You have a keener judgment when you are younger that makes it a prime stage to make significant life stages such as decisions about your medical choices in the event of incapacity.

Allow us to Digital Storage Vault in Chicago, Illinois!

We will store digital assets as well as the relevant data you need for your advance directive and make them available to your designated contact to fulfill your specifications.

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