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Leaving a Legacy For Your Loved Ones


It is not unusual to think about the end and how we want to be remembered by our loved ones. We all know that we won’t live forever and most of us understand the importance of legacy planning. Leaving a legacy for our children, partners, parents, and anyone else requires proper planning. All of your critical planning documents can be stored online with Life Snapshot®, Inc., located in Chicago, Illinois.

Aside from being known as the leading Digital Storage Vault in Illinois, we provide customer support to ensure that in the event a member becomes hospitalized or has reached end-of-life all of their critical information is shared with their designated contacts.

Life Snapshot offers legacy planning at its best:
Final Wishes Planner allows you to communicate how you want your family to celebrate your life and legacy. The final wishes planner communicates if you want a funeral, cremation, favorite color, music, preferred scripture, poem, and so much more. It provides answers and guidance to your loved ones during a very overwhelming time.

Plan Your Asset Distribution to ensure your wishes are properly executed. Estate planning isn’t just for the wealthy, but for anyone with ownership of assets such as properties, vehicles, financial accounts, insurance policies and so much more. Clear documentation and communication will make certain that your assets are distrubuted the way you intended. Leaving a legacy that your loved ones can be proud of and experience your love when you are not longer physically present.

Start putting your affairs together today and leave a solid legacy for your loved ones. Visit to get started and take advantage of our FREE 14-DAY TRIAL!

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