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What Should Be Included in a Digital Vault?


Nowadays, practically everything is online because of technology. Since so much of our information is now housed online, having everything in a safe, secure location, like a digital vault, gives us peace of mind.

A digital storage vault is a safe online tool that enables users to store, manage, and protect their digital assets and login information from hackers. This is because they make it simple to use them while still providing bank-level security through encryptions and authentications.

The majority of these vaults are made to hold copies of significant papers as well as records of secret data. Password managers are another usage for digital vaults. Passwords for several physical and digital applications, including email accounts, bank accounts, and social media profiles, can also be stored in the vaults.

But what exactly should we store inside our digital vaults? As a provider of digital storage vault in Illinois, Life Snapshot®, Inc. believes that anything that your loved ones are not aware of needs to be documented and stored in a digital storage vault.

This includes any documents that have something to do with rightfully obtaining ownership of assets such as estate plans, titles of real properties, medical and/or financial POA documents, or any asset information your loved ones are unaware of.

Consider sharing your banking information, not your account numbers. This means, sharing who you bank with or hold investment accounts with so your money isn’t overlooked.

Finally, be sure to include copies of insurance policies to prove coverage and terms, but at the very least list your insurance companies name, phone number, and policy number.

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