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Discover the Benefits of Online Estate Planning Services

Discover the Benefits of Online Estate Planning Services

Estate planning entails creating a plan for transferring your personal assets after death. These assets include land, investments, checking and savings accounts, vehicles, jewelry, and alternative resources under your name. Formulating an estate plan ahead of time is vital as it ensures your belongings are transferred to the right beneficiaries while paying the least amount of estate taxes.

One way to properly store and secure your documents is through an online estate document storage service. Life Snapshot®, Inc. consolidates personal asset information into a single report and provides a repository for all relevant estate planning documents in a way that is state law security compliant to safeguard your information. Here’s how you can benefit from this services:

  • Custom Asset Reports
    Our web-application consolidates personal asset information such as financial accounts, vehicles, properties, insurance policies, and more into a single customized asset report that is easy to view and share. These reports not only outline personal resources, but include important contacts that you will want your loved ones to notify when appropriate such as employers, clergy, funeral directors, and attorneys.
  • Stores Important Documents In One Place
    Online estate planning acts as a vault that enables all of your critical documents such as last will and testament, insurance policies, advance directives and more to be housed in a single location. Having an online system makes it easier for you, as well as beneficiaries, executors, and other individuals to obtain access to your assets when the time comes.
  • Customer Support Specialists
    In addition to the convenience of having a mobile and desktop friendly application at your fingertips, our digital estate planning provides access to support specialists and expert guidance. Our Support Specialists partner with you to conduct monthly or quarterly wellbeing checks. The team will follow-up with you to ensure that you are mentally and physically doing well. In the event that you are not, we will reach out to your designated contacts to ensure that your custom asset report and files are provided to them.

Secure Your Assets – Web-Application located in Chicago, Illinois is a service provided by Life Snapshot®, Inc. To learn more about our services, browse our website: and get in touch today.

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