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Building a Sustainable Future Through Data Storage

Building a Sustainable Future Through Data Storage

Organized by the United Nations (UN), World Creativity and Innovation Day are celebrated across the globe every 21st of April. Its purpose is to encourage innovation and creativity to raise awareness and further the UN’s sustainable development goals. Today, estate planning storage is growing in popularity due to its sustainability and the numerous advantages it provides users.

In line with this, here are a few reasons why you should store digital assets through Life Snapshot®, Inc.

  • Secure Your Data & Protect Your Loved Ones
    Identity theft is rampant in the world we live in today, but thieves work swiftly to access private data and computers. Our system is built with encryption, malware scans, SSL security, system back-ups, and increase firewall protection to provide peace of mind to our members. Our web-application was built to protect you from identity theft and ensure simplified access for you (and those that you love).
  • Maintaining Your Wishes
    Digital estate planning means all your assets are accounted for, which allows you to specify what happens to each one. Having a plan ensures all your wishes are maintained and the right assets are distributed to the appropriate individuals – which can prevent probate after death.
  • Protect Your Assets
    Protecting your assets is the primary reason individuals conduct estate planning activities. It provides your beneficiaries and family members the legal standing to access and determine how to distribute your assets after death.

Secure Your Assets – Web-Application Located in Chicago, Illinois is now easier and more convenient through Life Snapshot®, Inc. From custom asset reports to wellbeing checks, we provide reliable, secure data storage services to meet your needs. Give us a call or email us to discuss your options today.

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