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Discover the Purpose of Death Certificates and How to Obtain Them

Discover the Purpose of Death Certificates and How to Obtain Them

When a loved one dies, there are several actions required to finalize their personal affairs. A death certificate is issued by the government and it enables the family to take care of those affairs. This certificate communicates the date, time, location, cause, and other essential information about their passing.

As experts in estate planning storage, we understand how overwhelming it can be to navigate the process. So, we at Life Snapshot®, Inc. have answered the most commonly asked questions about death certificates below:

What is a death certificate comprised of?
Death certificates contain a great deal of information which includes the person’s full name, gender, social security number, birth date, birthplace, marital status, education, and their parents’ names and birthplaces. Additionally, essential information surrounding their death is communicated.

How do I file for a death certificate?
The rules tend to vary from state to state, but most often a funeral directors must file the death certificate with the county health department within 72 hours of the person’s death.  The funeral director will ask you how many death certificates you believe that you will need and can often obtain those copies at a discounted rate upfront vs. an individual requesting additional copies of the death certificate after the fact.

Why is it necessary?
Acquiring a death certificate is a legal requirement in order to make funeral arrangements. Furthermore, it enables beneficiaries to claim life insurance, access pension benefits, settle one’s estate, and more. Life Snapshot® supports online estate planning storage and can provide insight into the personal assets of the deceased.

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