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Last Will and Testament: Proper Storage and Its Importance

Last Will and Testament: Proper Storage and Its Importance

A last will and testament is a highly important document that states what will happen to your assets in the event of your incapacitation. This includes your estate, properties, money, and other possessions. Without a last will and testament, your assets will be divided by the government without considering your intended wishes.

Why should I write a Last Will?

Here are a few reasons why you should have a last will:

  • It guarantees your wishes are carried out after death, including how your assets will be distributed
  • It ensures your loved ones are financially secure after your passing
  • It helps determine who your executor will be
  • It saves your loved ones’ time and money

How do I properly store my last will?

In the past, important documents like your last will were usually stored in a personal safe or filing cabinet with a lock. In some instances, individuals utilize attorneys to manage document storage in order to ensure the files location is shared with their loved ones.

More-and-more, individuals understand that there are options to store asset information including your last will and testament online. Doing so guarantees that your documents are secure. It protects the documents from external factors such as theft or floods which makes certain your loved ones can access this critical information.

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