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Preparing for End-Of-Life Arrangements: An Overview

Preparing for End-Of-Life Arrangements: An Overview

When it comes to planning for the future, making end-of-life plans are probably at the bottom of your list. However, there are many advantages to planning ahead and making ones wishes known. Here are a few reasons why we need to start planning now:

  • Confirm Your Care Preferences
    As we age, there is an increased chance we will require medical care. Preparing advance directives will safeguard our preferred care options. Otherwise, a life-threatening event could position us for care that we are not aligned with. By creating an advance directive – this legal document will provide health care professionals with clear care instructions for the future.
  • Provide Security for Children
    Making end-of-life arrangements and naming a guardian for kids will prevent trauma and protect their welfare. Without proper documentation, the state can determine the custody of underage children.
  • Preserve your financial legacy
    According to AARP, only 4 in 10 adults have a will or estate plan. Without it, a large portion of one’s estate can be lost to taxes. Protecting your assets through estate planning storage services ensures assets are distributed to survivors the way intended after one has departed.
  • Reduce Stress for Your Family
    The grief over losing a loved one is amplified when dealing with after-death arrangements. Obtaining services to store digital assets will save loved ones from added stress.

These are just a few reasons why everyone needs to conduct end-of-life planning activities. Life Snapshot’s technology simplifies this process by consolidating personal asset information into a custom report, file storage, wellbeing checks, and more. Secure Your Assets – Web-Application in Chicago, Illinoiscall us to get started.

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