Digital Estate Planning Made Easy For Your Family!

How Life Snapshot’s Support Specialists Help Clients


Many of us move our information and assets to the cloud daily. A highly secure online platform known as a digital storage vault allows you to gather and keep your digital assets safe. Life Snapshot helps you consolidate your personal assets, final wishes, and critical documents into a single report – while also providing an online storage vault to securly house existing documents and information.

At Life Snapshot®, Inc., we can ensure that our support specialists are ready to help and share your documents with your loved ones should you become hospitalized or reach end-of-life – providing peace of mind when you need it most.

Estate planning can often feel overwhelming, but we encourage you to take the first steps to put your affairs in order. Life Snapshot is committed to assisting you with enhanced technology that enables you to quickly and easily access your private information. Visit to learn more. We are a digital storage vault with offices located in Illinois, but provide domestic access.

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