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How to Secure Confidential Documents and Information

How to Secure Confidential Documents and Information

Never underestimate the significance of data protection. After all, if your sensitive personal information and confidential documents are breached, then there is a high risk of identity theft and other threats.

As a company providing a digital storage vault in Chicago, Illinois, we would like to help you keep your important data secure. Here are a few tips to achieve this:

  • Backup Your Data
    If you store digital assets, then make sure you backup your data. This is one of the simplest data protection tips around, yet it is typically overlooked. It ensures that you have a duplicate copy of your files so that in case your device is stolen, lost, or compromised, you will not lose any vital information.
  • Encrypt Your Data
    It is easy for people to steal your data on the internet. Before you make online purchases, use encryption software to scramble the information you send. Many financial institutions offer temporary cards to utilize when making online purchases so your actual credit card number isn’t transmitted online. Check the status bar of your web browser to see if there is a lock icon. This signals that your data is protected.
  • Think Before You Share
    You cannot just share your personal or financial information with anyone. Never give information via mail, on the phone, or through the internet unless you have verified the person/companies identity. There are too many imposters, so be careful.
  • Make Use of Security Software
    Install a firewall, anti-spy software, and anti-virus software. Make sure these are regularly updated. You should also install security patches to keep your passwords and files safe from hackers and infections.

With Life Snapshot®, Inc., you do not have to worry about your information being compromised. Please contact us for more information about our estate planning storage solutions.

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