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Managing Digital Assets for End-of-Life Planning

Managing Digital Assets for End-of-Life Planning

Preserving a last will and testament, military documents, advance directives, and other critical documents are important for end-of-life planning. It is imperative that you utilize a trusted provider for secure estate planning storage. This means you have to go beyond talking to a bank manager or giving a document copy to your attorney. You have to ensure that you have digitized your end-of-life planning documents.

  • A Proper Plan
    Whether we like it or not, the time will come when our loved ones will only speak of us as a memory. They will talk about who we were, the moments they shared, and what we meant to them. However, a proper plan will outlive us and shows love to our family beyond death. Safeguard your plan by utilizing a trustworthy digital storage vault like Life Snapshot located in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Putting things in order.
    First, you have to identify your personal assets. Assets may include financial accounts, insurance policies, vehicles, properties, trademarks, businesses, or even social media accounts. Second, it’s critical that you store these assets in a secure digital storage vault.
  • Storing digital assets
    Your assets may include scanned documents such as a copy of your last will and testament, business succession plan, medical power-of-attorney, and much more. When you store them in a cloud-based vault, make sure the vault offers dual authentication, system back-ups, malware scans, and designated contacts features just to name a few. Future documents, need futuristic safe-keeping.

To learn more about managing your assets digitally, reach out to our specialists here at Life Snapshot®, Inc. You may contact us anytime.

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