Digital Estate Planning Made Easy For Your Family!

Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions


Are you concerned about the protection of your financial accounts, 401K, pension, or life insurance? If yes, then consider Life Snapshot. Our digital estate planning storage in Chicago, Illinois is focused on making estate planning easy for families.

Our digital storage vault helps put families on the path to preparedeness by ensuring that our plans and paperwork remain safe until the moment they are required to be shared with your family.

Maintaining physical documents at home has been the traditional approach for securing critical paperwork, but as technology advances, so should our approach to protecting our family’s assets.

Plan your asset distribution and protect it utilizing our digital storage vault. This will benefit you and your family as there is roughly $40 billion in unclaimed money and properties being held by the US Government because beneficiaries are often unaware that these assets exist with an estimated $7.4 billion alone in unclaimed life insurance policies.

With all of this in mind, the only thing left for you to do is get started with Life Snapshot which can occur in under 5 minutes.

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