Digital Estate Planning Made Easy For Your Family!

The Three “S” in Digital Storing


Accidents and unexpected events are unavoidable, often catching us and those we love offguard, as well as unprepared.

It is critical for you and your family to proactively prepare papers such as power-of attorney both for medical and financial, a will, and life insurance policies and upload this information into the Life Snapshot platform which is your digital final wishes planner. Life Snapshot is not only a digital storage vault in Illinois, but we provide support specialists that communicate with those you love if you’ve become incapacitated or have reached end-of-life.

The three “S’s” in digital storing will help you better understand why you need to consider digital estate planning.

  • Simple
    Life Snapshot, Inc. has three easy steps that can get you started in under five minutes. Your personalized snapshot report is a roadmap that outlines your personal assets, final wishes, critical documents lists, and key contacts.
  • Secured
    Life Snapshot’s digital storage vault offers multi-layer security. Clients’ can expect trusted hosting with SSL security, and all uploaded documents are encrypted when stored. We also offer 2-Step authentication, malware scans, and system backups to ensure that no information is lost. It stops unauthorized persons from accessing your data and files.
  • Sustainable
    You and your family no longer have to be concerned about protecting physical documents. When the moment comes, you won’t have to look through stacks of papers or stop at home to share critical documents with the appropriate parties. You’ll have instant access and the ability to share files directly from the platform with outside contacts – while also removing their access priviledges if/when appropriate.

Let Life Snapshot ®, Inc. help you put your affairs in order and protect financial legacy utilizing our digital storage vault.

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