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Successful Family Legacy Planning


Legacy planning is important for families to consider. According to Forbes, the largest intergenerational wealth transfer will be held within the next decade. As such, families need to come together and reflect on what their wealth means to them.

Maintaining and managing tangible wealth can feel overwhelming which is why it’s critical for families to identify ways to protect their financial legacy. Successful planning starts with clear communication, education, and trust among all generations.

With that in mind, here are a few tips to help protect your family legacy.

  • Plan with your family
    Family legacy planning is a collaborative effort. This requires open discussion among family members, financial advisors, as well as strategists.
  • Nurture the future generations
    It is the responsibility of older generations to show younger generations the importance of proper wealth management, as well as learning how to invest and grow assets.
  • Utilize a Digital Storage Vault
    Life Snapshot®, Inc. is a reliable online estate planning storage solution and we are located in Chicago, Illinois. We provide our members with a secure online platform that consolidates personal assets, final wishes, and stores copies of important documents to help with family legacy planning.
  • Create a healthy wealth culture
    Families with a shared view toward their wealth through open and honest discussion are typically more likely to see that wealth preserved from generation to generation.

Incorporate these steps today to make a big difference in the future. Family wealth and legacy planning is for everyone, so don’t hesitate to get started today and no matter what Life Snapshot is here to help. Get started today with a FREE 14-Day Trial.

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